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Are we failing our children?

  Is the British education system failing to teach the basic skills to become a strong and successful human being? I'm a mother of a year 11 student who was taken to the hospital on Friday evening by ambulance due to facial paralysis. Fortunately, the most concerning factors were discounted (i.e. stroke, diabetes, virus infection), but during conversation with the paramedics and later with myself, my daughter expressed her emotional status about the school and her exams, which was very hard to hear. For a 15-year old brilliant girl get to the point where her stress manifested itself on her face, turning all her pain visible, it's devastating.  She explained that in her school, students are constantly given mixed messages from teachers and senior leaders, which makes it very difficult to trust the school will rate the students fairly. Also, the culture of fear is heavily applied by the school. Fear of failing and what it will mean for their future. The concept that they must ach

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