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Why I allow my 13 year old daughter to go to a k-pop concert

Let me ask all parents of K-pop fans this: ‘what are your memories from your teenage that make you happy just remembering them” Mine are the amazing moments I spent with my friends, my passion for my idols and the ability to dream so loud that nothing could stop me of being  happy. That’s why I allow my 13 year old daughter to live her teenage in full, but we also have an agreement. I will always support her passions and dreams and she will always fulfil her responsibilities. Which means that school comes first, most of the times. Her future is not a joke for me or for her, but it can be a playground. Life is to be lived happily.
This agreement has lead us to two things: her grades are fantastic and she is emotionally healthy. What else a parent can wish for?
Yes, they are a group of boys and girls singing in Korean, but they are also an opportunity to live their first love, make new friends, learn a different language and culture, be open minded and make memories.
I am 52 years old …

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